As many of you know it takes a considerable amount of time, money and energy producing content for you all to enjoy. But In all honesty i'd had a guts full. 


While i could be out in the bush doing what i love, i was stuck at a desk producing videos, Wondering how i could hang up my keyboard for good, and end the Clay Tall Stories chapter.

That's until the Good Bastard Darren H and a handful of other subscribers wanted to help out and contribute.


And the GBC was born.

If you'd like become a Good Bastard, all you need to do is make a contribution ether via a donation or offering your time. Your contributions will help towards.

*Fuel to help us get to locations 
*Helping  people get out into the wilderness.
*Camera gear.
*Help maintaining equipment.  
*Plus heaps of other stuff.



Or if you just want to contribute by buying me a beer every little helps.

Welcome To the 'Good Bastards Club'

Let’s kick this thing in the guts with why I am now on Patreon
I am creating at least one new video clip and uploading it every Tuesday. 
 I am doing my utmost best to bring you
something original and different that will hopefully inspire you and give you tools and information to get into the great outdoors and enjoy the simple life a bit more.

 It is only with your contributions that I can work full time creating this content. Patrons will always come first when it comes to me answering your comments and PMS and organizing hunting and fishing trips away.  

You guys are my priority. Thank you heaps for your contribution to the channel and keeping it afloat.

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