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I grew up in Able Tasman National park where my father was the ranger for the parks board back in 1969. I was 5 when I had my first speed boat. There was no school and my days were spent fishing, hunting, building huts, making rafts and learning about the bush in the park. I then moved to Fiordland where I lived until my parents broke up and I moved to Christchurch. By 15 years of age, I was living under the Motueka bridge surviving on fish and trapping small game and robbing fruit from the surrounding orchards. At 27 years of age I was touring the big cities of Europe making a good living as a musician quickly going from being poor to having a money again. Sex drugs and rock n roll. By 38 I gave the big city lights away to come back to NZ to get back to where it all started off. The beautiful NZ lakes, rivers, mountains and sea.


Every Tuesday I post a new video up on the Clay Tall stories YouTube channel.

I only use my own music. I have two CDS with songs and humour about hunting & fishing etc that you can buy on iTunes or from the shop. All my videos are free to view with some help from the Good Bastards Club who have made contributions to help me pay for everything.  Even this very website was created and funded by one of those Good Bastards (The Pom). There are benefits belonging to the GBC like gift give-aways, hunting and fishing trips, direct contact with Clay, but the main benefit is just being a good bastarded and getting  connected with other good bastards and knowing you have done some good.  It is only your contribution that is keeping the Clay Tall Stories YouTube channel alive now. Please consider going to the Good bastards page and contributing a little to help me fund this all. It takes me hundreds of hours filming, editing, buying equipment, travel and spending time away from my partner and children with no pay. Thank you.


See you in the scrub aka Clay Tall Stories.

G'day, Clay here...Congrats on finding your way here to the Clay Tall Stories website, where life is about to get just that little bit sweeter.

The website has an open forum where you can create your own personal login name and share your hunting & fishing adventures, DIY cooking and anything else you like. I look forward to seeing your posts. Hunting, fishing, trapping and cooking in the New Zealand outdoors are not just weekend hobbies for us at the Old Farmhouse, It is how we live from day to day to sustain ourselves. How I feed my children and hunting dogs

Connecting like-minded people with other like minded folk and places is all part of this channels aim. Getting young people into the outdoors and experiencing real life hunting, fishing, wild food preparation and outdoor living and particularly for those who do not have adults to show them the way.


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