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Clay Tall Stories 

Every Tuesday I post a new clip of my latest adventures. If you have any questions head over to the Patreon or Facebook page. All the music in my videos is recorded and produced right here and the Old farmhouse - If you want to get your hands on a copy just visit my shop or find me on Spotify - Links below If you want to contribute to this channel in anyway, then please visit the Good Bastards Club


A little kiwi outdoor channel that has a bit of madness to go with it. There is a song and always something to joke about when we go bush or on the water. 

Each year in spring the big eagle rays and stingrays come into the bay where I live in NZ. The Orca feed on the stingray catching them head first or grabbing the tip of their tales to avoid their deadly stingers. NZ is the only place in the world where Orca feeds on the stingray. The stingray has been known to kill the orca with their barbed stings 

Orca feeding on stingray 
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